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Hello, lovely people of Earth and beyond! My name is Whitney. I am merely a high school student with a blog. Mine just happens to be of the scientific variety. I have a passion for astrophysics and quantum physics, and will teach astrophysics at the collegiate level in the future. Feel free to leave questions and/or comments in my ask box.

"Here it is standing: atoms with consciousness; matter with curiosity.
Stands at the sea, wondering: I… a universe of atoms atom in the universe."

— Richard Feynman

Too many girls are shying away from science claiming that they aren’t smart enough to pursue it. They are under the impression that it is a “man’s profession.” The young girls I mentor at my local Boys and Girls Club sometimes adopt this unhealthy self-doubt. Unfortunately, I see the same thing at school. There were three girls in my honors physics class and I am the only girl in my AP Physics course. This is not merely a local problem or even a national one. This issue is of global importance.

We need the young ladies of our generation to know that they are capable of excelling in STEM courses and professions. It is 95% determination and 5% raw intelligence.


You can succeed at this. You have what it takes. Keep your goals in mind. You have to keep that passion for science alive, whether it is biology, organic chemistry, or astronomy. Don’t let anybody’s doubts become your own. You know who you are and what you capable of more than anybody else. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, even when you are sitting in a class of guys who all “appear” to understand the material. Don’t be intimidated. Shake your preconceived notions and fears away. Let them roll off of your skin.

Know that you are worthy. You are able.

Take a deep breath and jump right in.

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